Monday, January 31, 2011

I Digress Every 20 Seconds

It's the final day of January and I think that I can feel my spirit lightening already...  What is it about the first month of the year that is so blah? I really don't mind the gray weather. The constant rain makes my skin feel great (sun makes me squint anyway). And I love to organize - apparently Target has me in mind when they pull out all of the storage bin displays right after Christmas. It's like they decided to create a new theme month... 2011 is officially the "International Year of Forests", August is "Orange and Papaya Month" and now Target is tapping January as "Organize your life after Christmas Month."  Seriously, have you ever been to The Container Store? It's AMAZING! You can organize every room in your house with bins, shelves, cubbies, liners,'s a cornucopia of organizing materials! But I digress...

The above randomness actually illustrates my entire month of January well - little snippets of ideas, important tasks to be done, funny stories to share all flit through my brain and then dissolve in a matter of 20 seconds. I can't hold onto anything long enough to focus, complete, remember or even write it down. Instead, I end up walking around in circles trying to figure out what I was going to do and unable to find anything since I somehow managed to put the tv remote in the fridge and left the untoasted bread in the toaster all day! I've got paint chips and floor samples scattered around the house, glitter keeps showing up in unexpected places (mix a preschooler with a glitter project and voila, instant sparkle all over the house!) and my to do list continues to grow but I don't think I've crossed one thing off this entire month!

Basically, I've given up on January. It's a month for hibernation without guilt, starting projects without any expectation of completion and chaos spread from one corner to the other. If I can keep from freezing any important electronics I think I'll call it a success!

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