Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Making Lists...and losing them even faster

I love lists. They give a sense of control and accomplishment. If you've made a list you've already gotten part of the job done. Gold Star for you and it's time for that well-deserved break!

Here's my summer list (as I've pieced it together since I keep losing the written one and then have to start over from "memory", such as it is) as we get ready for our new addition.

  • Make baby gift for new nephew
  • Make bedding for the crib
  • Make a new diaper bag - of course the old one will do just fine. That was a luxury item!
  • Transfer The Princess to a big girl bed - thanks Ikea!
  • Bake cupcakes for the Big 3-Year Birthday! - um...sort of done
  • Pack new baby stuff for the hospital
  • Plan menus and fill up the freezer with meals and muffins - freezer is bursting with blueberries. Not sure where I'm going to stuff any additional meals!
  • Make doll quilt for the Big 3-Year Birthday! - in process, just need to sew that binding on (for the last month)
  • Take The Princess on a few fun adventures before life changes drastically - Ladybug Walk, Honeybee Hike, Oregon Coast, Vintage Carousel, Farmers' Market. Yeah, I rock! (yeah, Steve helped!)
  • Make the distribution list for the baby announcement - don't worry, a FB announcement will happen too. We're totally plugged in over here!
  • Make some cute summer clothes for The Princess - diaper bag didn't happen...
  • Survive the summer - pending...
  • Try to keep the garden alive - yeah. It's still alive but I don't think this was the year to start this project...I think we're the embarrassment of the community garden.
  • Finish editing - can you ever REALLY be finished?
  • I'm sure there's more...I just can't remember right now

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