Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Life

The sun came out today. I guess it was due; we are heading into the middle of June after all. But, with the sun shining there was no excuse to not go check on the garden. I've driven by it a number of times in the past few weeks, catching a quick glance but trying not to imagine the drowned plants and legions of slugs that may have taken residence there. So we showed up with our gloves, sunscreen and hats prepared for the worst.

The rain has been kind to the weeds. Apparently rain, rain and more rain is just what they needed. We spent a good hour pulling weeds and then Steve spent another hour pulling more weeds.

 Interesting: The Princess likes to play in the dirt and then immediately wants to be rinsed off.  We spent a lot of time cleaning her off in order for her to return to the growing mud puddle from all of the rinsing... Oh, and she survived a couple of dragonfly "attacks" as well. Good stuff.

The tomatoes, while still alive, don't look like they've grown an inch. But on the plus side they're no longer sporting brown leaves. Everything else is making a valiant effort including the 1 1/2 strawberries that The Princess quickly plopped into her mouth. But the lettuce, the lettuce is a wonder! We have TREES of lettuce growing in our dirt. They tower over the tomatoes and shadow the carrots. We will spend the rest of the summer eating salads every single night and still not fell all of the lettuce that we have grown.

The Russian made a brief appearance. I should say that three times now, including today, I've seen him weeding his "Garden of Eden" plot dressed in white. Head to toe, pure as the driven snow, pristine white!  Meanwhile the three of us were covered from head to toe in dirt.

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  1. Hah, hah - the joys of gardening. And as the old saying goes, "dragonflies to this generation are the birds of the previous."