Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fashionably Geeky

This week I had to go into work for a 4 hour training on the computer program that the hospital uses for all of it's online record keeping. I was NOT looking forward to it and planned to hype myself and the baby up with LOTS of caffeine.

Since I'm only using about 1/8th of my normal brain capacity I managed to arrive 20 minutes late due to: 
  • Messing up the start time by a half hour and realizing it 2 minutes before the class was actually scheduled to start. 
  • "Running" off to the class without actually checking where it was being held. 
  • Wandering around in the basement (and by basement I mean the area of the building that they hand chiseled out of solid rock and installed all of the heat and steam producing equipment in!) before admitting that I didn't actually know where the class was being held. 
  • Finally remembering that I brilliantly saved the confirmation for the class (and therefore the location) on my blackberry which I'd been toting around with me and NOT using!

After all of that I didn't get ANY coffee and had to do the first 1 1/2 hours on my own capacity... (probably better for the baby - she can thank me later.)

I'm sure you're all expecting this story to end with me head down on the table and drooling from boredom and lack of caffeine in my system; that's where I fully expected to be when I walked into the dark room with glowing computer screens and the instructor talking about data entry and audit trails...

But this is where the geeky part comes in. It was a good class! I was totally engaged and enjoyed what I was learning and was one of those totally annoying people who keeps coming up with a question that's relevant and clever (in my opinion) but makes the class even longer than it's already scheduled to be! I know - embarrassing, right? I mean, I was 1/2 way through the class and found myself thinking about all sorts of college classes I'd like to take and reminiscing about my study table I claimed in the library the year I took Organic Chemistry!

On top of that my instructor was great! She was fast and to the point and NORMAL - no offense but there are a lot of computer instructors who interact really well with machines but have to put in a little more work when it comes to people... Plus, the whole time I was checking out her outfit - chunky necklace AND bracelet, 1950's style dress with a cute little cardigan and patent leather peep toe heels.

Seriously, it was like I'd stepped into an alternate universe; or maybe I just embraced my inner geek for the morning.

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