Monday, October 22, 2012

Young Adult Dystopia

I love to read (obviously) and the genres I read are wide and varied. However, lately I've been reading a lot of Young Adult books. More YA than I read when I fit into the category's age range. Part of it is because they're quick reads, you can jump in and out of them without a lot of catch-up, which is great with all of the distractions swirling around me right now. But, I thought of two other reasons why I'm really loving almost every single one of the YA books I've read lately.

1. They're fun. (for the most part) Much of the really popular YA books are set in alternate realities or in dystopian futures. Dystopian, of course, doesn't promise to be fun but the adventures that happen really are. I like the action, the drama, and the imagination involved.

2. They are digging into the teenage girl's mind and providing a counterbalance to the idea that a girl's worth is in her looks and her clothes and her popularity. The characters I'm reading about are flawed, strong, intelligent, awkward, and slowly developing their confidence. You can't help but like them, root for them, and want to be them. Of course, since it's YA (and honestly, in pretty much every genre) there's usually a love interest. But that swoony boy is flawed too. He's honest and true. He sees more and wants more than the popular chick with the perfect figure and shiny hair. Hmm, what a novel idea for teen boys and girls (and adults, when we come right down to it)

Reading these books is a blissful escape from the reality of cooking dinner and doing laundry, but it's also been a walk down memory lane of my own teenage inner angst and drama. And, looking forward, it's making me think about the conversations I want to continually have with my daughters about inner value, bravery, confidence, and kindness.  Plus, I'll have a really great reading list for them (they're never going to get through it!)

Here are a few recommendations:

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 I was lucky enough to hear the author speak in person.
She was delightful.

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Here's my Goodreads review


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Here's my review on Goodreads

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