Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monthly Menu Review (September 2012)

Oh, hi. Remember how I used to do these? Remember how I haven't done one since last March?  That's right, five months of no-plan-for-dinner and a strong likelihood that burritos were on the menu. But, I stepped up my game in September (I fooled myself into thinking it was fall but it wasn't. That thermometer cracked the 80 degree mark more times than I'd like to admit.) and had much success, or at least, edible food.

Here are a few of the recipes I tried (see the calendar for what I made and I made all but one, the Brazilian Black Bean Stew.) that have been added to my "make again for sure" list.

Roasted Potatoes - I served these on a bed of baby spinach and topped them with chopped tomatoes and avocados and they were to die for. In fact, they were so good that I didn't eve get to eat the leftovers...(Steve doesn't do leftovers, he made an exception.) They will change your life.

Pan Roasted Chicken - this one is probably more iffy, I liked it more than Steve. But, if you like citrus, this is the one for you. The chicken (I used boneless tenderloins), potatoes, and green beans (I've used frozen and fresh) bake on a bed of sliced lemons. I've never described lemons as "creamy" before, but that's the word I kept coming up with. They are so unique and so good.

Roasted Corn Chowder - Yay for soup season! This one has a sweet potato in it so I was totally excited to try it. I loved it. (I used frozen corn, roasted would make it 10x better even. I didn't have fresh tomatoes but used canned.)

Happy Cooking!

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