Monday, September 10, 2012

Itchy, Itchy

Sweetpea had her two year checkup the other day with the doctor. All was well (except for the pending shot which she naively didn't know about. Of course, The Princess was fully prepared and had already made preparations to sit out in the hall while the torture was in progress...) until he noticed two little spots on her back. Two spots that I was clueless about because Steve had dressed her that morning to help me out since I'd stupidly scheduled her appointment for 8:10 in the morning (What? I have to get up before them, shower, dress, make-up myself, and feed them all before 7:30? That was some serious over-confidence when I scheduled that appointment.)

So, we eyed them together, the doctor and I, wondering what they could be...  Nothing, I'm sure, was my expert opinion. He foolishly mentioned chicken-pox...though they don't actually look anything like chicken-pox.

So, that kid randomly showed up with new spots every other day for a week! Three new spots one day, five new ones the next. No fever, no acknowledgement that they even reside on her body, but just enough of a grumpy attitude to make us wonder if, in fact, she's feeling a little under the weather...

In the meantime I've washed all the sheets, vacuumed the rug, wiped her mattress, the crib, any other hard surface down with clorox - you know, just in case we're infested with a microscopic bug that I can't see and who only likes to bite Sweetpea and not The Princess who shares a room with her...

Oh, and I'm itching ALL THE TIME. Because, you know, my brain is a very powerful force...for evil, evil psychosomatic symptoms that are driving me crazy!

**For those who may see me in person - we are spot free and still symptomless at the time of this posting so don't freak out when you see us!**


  1. We've had this before! I think each kid has had it to some degree but Audrey had it the worst in that it seemed to cycle through different parts of her body at different times. Sometimes she'd itch them but never complain. Her ped. never had a real clear idea of what it was - and eventually they stopped (at least I think, although I do much less dressing of her nowadays). STRANGE!! Please follow up if you get any leads.