Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's not the baby that's giving me a backache

Sweetpea pulled my purse down from the stool today - I guess she's growing...I thought that was a safe area!  Since everything had fallen out I was forced to actually clean it out...

Here's what I found:
2 fabric bags - one is a "diaper bag" and I'm not even going to tell you what's in there. Let's just say I could supply two McGyvers... the other contains a bunch of other supplies, like a small pack of colored pencils. You know, for when that latent drawing gene finally kicks in!
1 wallet - but no cash!
1/2 box of Junior Mints - my favorite movie candy. Yes, I actually got out of the house for a non-kid function lately!
1 sweater - because it's important to have a sweater when there's a string of 90 degree days
2 bouncy balls
1 set of phone headphones that I've never EVER used
Floss - seriously, this is a GREAT toy when you're desperate!!  Oh yeah, you can use it to keep your teeth clean too.
1 barrette
1 old apple - don't know who I think I'm going to trick into eating it
2 acorns, 1 chunk of wood, 1 dried leaf, 1 rock (!??!) 
1 container of goldfish - Sweetpea's latest snack craze
1 pipecleaner fish - because the edible ones weren't enough...
1 pen (as opposed to the three tucked into one of the cloth bags)
A pile of paper - awesome. I must sort through each piece to figure out what's trash and what isn't...
1 completely filled notebook with random notes (there are at least two other hiding in the cloth bags. Now you see why I didn't open them up!)
1 piece of cardboard - a cardboard book found by The Princess and given to me for safe-keeping. Oh yeah, I kept it safe! Long after she'd completely forgotten about it!
Empty plastic bag - I know this may be practical but it just looks trashy!

The purse just confirms that there's not a lot of glamour in my life...

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