Tuesday, September 14, 2010


About a month ago The Princess started asking me a new question.  "Are you happy, Mommy?"

"Wow" I thought "What a thoughtful little girl we've been raising! So concerned with my feelings and my emotional health!"

I noticed that she often asked me this when she had just done something naughty...but at least she was acknowledging that her bad behavior was causing emotional stress for me, right? Very advanced for her age, I'm sure!

I've been very careful to answer honestly - Yes, I'm happy. No, I'm sad that you're not listening to me. Since I want to foster good communication between us I'm always sure to ask her how she's feeling - we're learning and growing.

Then the other day she asked me again.  "Are you happy, Mommy? Or are you Sneezy?"

So...we've been talking about the Seven Dwarfs for the last month????????????


  1. LOL Oh, that is SO STINKIN' FUNNY!!! Well, you definitely get Good Mommy points for addressing emotional health issues prior to assuming Dwarfness:).

  2. I totally loved this!! I hope you weren't "Grumpy!" ha ha