Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring Fever (It might just be wool fibers lodged in my lungs)

Where have I been? Oh, where have I been...

I am neck deep in the retail world and about a season ahead of everyone else. Last night I was dismantling and revamping an entire store. What this meant for me specifically is, among other things, sorting and hanging rugs. Some of them weighed more than I do, no joke. And I had to haul them up a ladder (with one other petite girl) and then clip them to hanging racks. We were both covered in a fine dust, actual dirt, and wool fibers that stuck to our sweaty skin. It's a glamorous job, don't be fooled.

Once finished we hied ourselves over to the candle shop where we moved an entire wall of candles, floor to ceiling to a different part of the wall. Candles aren't lightweight either.

All this to say that, while I actually enjoy the organizing part, I didn't expect quite so much heavy lifting.

Spring is right around the corner people. You might not see it yet but it's in creation at a retail store near you as we speak!

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