Monday, December 30, 2013

Soul Food

Things that are nourishing me right now:
  • Lattes
  • Giant bear hugs from Sweetpea. She has quite a grip whether it's around my knees or my neck.
  • My running group. Getting up at 5:30 to run is pure torture, especially in the cold. But, having a group of women to run with and who gracefully bear with my sporadic availability is worth it every single time I can be there. Plus, it's an extra boost of energy which is greatly needed right now (goes right along with the caffeine)
  • Free, worry-free, generously available childcare from my mom and dad.
  • "Removing myself from any form of reality" books.
  • Random and numerous facts The Princess shares with me.
  • Two small children sleeping together in the top bunk because the little one is anxious and lonely in her new big bottom bunk.
  • Retail shifts that involve me organizing for 5 hours straight. (You want the wall of clearance items completely revamped? Yay!)
  • A lot of chocolate (good thing for the running!)

Things that are sucking the life right out of me:
  • Continued lack of employment for Steve.
  • Sweetpea asking if I'm going to be there when she wakes up because so often I'm not.
  • Any type of sickness that threatens the delicate balance I've got going on right now.

The length of lists is at a good ratio at least.

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  1. I DITTO all you said about our running group. Such a blessing!!!