Friday, November 1, 2013

The Goldfish and The Butterfly

Every year I get challenged on at least one of the two Halloween costumes I'm requested to provide. This year, thanks to Aunt Gretchen's stash of high quality paints and our high quality diaper boxes, we spent a lot of time painting our masterpieces and I really only had to stretch my brain for the goldfish.

The Princess and I were both quite pleased with our creations.

Sweetpea was completely confused as to what we were doing. Until the person answering the door at the first house put candy in her basket and then she was fully prepared to run up to each and every door.

It was the girls first experience trick or treating in a neighborhood (as opposed to the zoo or the mall) and, to quote Sweetpea "THIS IS AWESOME!"

Only 364 days until we can do it again. (No word yet on the costume requests for next year, but the animal theme seems to be strong so place your bets accordingly.)

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