Monday, August 5, 2013

Aging is Fun

Man we're at a fun age. 5 and 2, almost 6 and 3. They are completely adorable, smart, and amazing. They're also infuriating, annoying, and ridiculous. But they are so fun! We've arrived at the age where we can spend a whole day out of the house, skip a nap (just for the one day!), and enjoy being together.

Enjoyment out of her sisters' excitement

We did just that at the fair this weekend. Got in free with the early morning crowd and joined the line for the pancake breakfast, throwing our gluten free diet out of the window for the day.

This girl ate the rest of us under the table.

We visited each and every animal, we perused the crafts, we rode the rides.

Her dream come true.

Two rides each.

She's unhappy about the line, not the ride.

 The Princess spent her special grandma money on cotton candy,

We watched the 4-H kids compete in the goat competition. The Princess and I are goat experts - we picked the Grandest of Grand Prize winner right from the start.

We finished with the best display on site - rows and rows of snakes, monitor lizards and tarantula spiders to peruse and enjoy.

We spent seven hours in the crowds. Amazing. We're giddy on the sense of freedom. (And I'm mostly not mourning the fact that my babies aren't babies anymore because I love that stage too.)

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