Monday, February 18, 2013

Choose Wisely

Pardon the lack of posts, its a combination of a bunch of life stuff that culminated in me choosing, in the midst of ABSOLUTE RAGE, not to throw my laptop out the window and, instead, drive to Best Buy and get some "genius" from the Geek Squad to fix it for me instead.

I pride myself on my self-control.

I came very, very close to throwing self-control right out the window too.

I did a little retail therapy instead and am hopeful that my pretty new purse that isn't ripped to shreds on the inside will help remind me of the merits of making good choices - with self-control though perhaps not the credit card...

*meanwhile I'm using my old ancient laptop, which is actually a step up at this point so I guess they can keep it as long as they want and maybe I'll meet my deadline!

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