Friday, December 14, 2012

Saint Lucia

How do we make Advent and Christmas more meaningful in the midst of the presents and sugar? We tried something new this year. December 13 is the feast day of Saint Lucia, a holiday celebrated in Sweden (and elsewhere). St. Lucia was a 4th century girl martyred for her faith.

In Sweden, where my grandmother was from, the eldest daughter gets up early in the morning before dawn. Dressed in white with a red sash and a wreath with candles around her head, she delivers hot chocolate and saffron rolls to the still sleeping family members while singing the Saint Lucia song.

Since it was our first year, and our oldest is but five, we modified our celebration a bit. I had the supplies all prepared and, while away at work, the Princess worked with Mamo (my mom) to make her wreath. We pulled together a white outfit when I got home, complete with a red ribbon sash (thank goodness I bought that roll of cheap red ribbon for no good reason last year!). When Steve arrived home we turned off the lights and, by the twinkling lights of the tree, our very own Saint Lucia very carefully served her Daddy and little sister chocolate muffins and hot chocolate while the Saint Lucia song played. (We'll have to learn the song so that we can sing it next year ourselves!)

Over muffins and hot chocolate we talked about the feast. The crown of candles reminding us to be the light in the darkness. The offerings of food and drink reminding us to be generous and kind to those around us.

The feast is a simple and beautiful way to celebrate the coming of the Light to the World.

Link to a video of the Saint Lucia song. I tried to embed the video but it's not working, not sure if it's me, blogger, or YouTube...

If you're interested in more information check out my Christmas Pinterest board. I've pinned some websites with information, recipes, crafts, and ideas surrounding Saint Lucia.


  1. This is so touching. What a wonderful tribute to heritage and faith, a tradition perpetuated with your little ones. An especially suiting post on that day, a reminder to be light in the darkness.
    Is that you in pic #1? Adorable...Isla seems so very proud.