Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool and Cloudy

What do you do when it's August, the temperature is climbing rapidly, and you're a complete wimp when it comes to anything over 75 degrees?  Head to the Washington coast where it MIGHT be sunny, but more likely foggy, the "breeze" is cool, and sweatshirts are so essential that you'll buy one at the tourist trap shop because you forgot to bring one with you. (Not me, the other adult in the equation...) We spent a delightfully cool weekend in Long Beach and then came back to a stifling house which wasn't quite so fun.


  1. FUN!! I just have to laugh at your heat wimpyness - you did spend four years of your life in Africa, right?! ;-) Your girls are so sweet and beautiful!

  2. Unfortunately (not really!) I was completely spoiled by living right on the equator but a mile up in elevation which translated into perfect days in the 70s. Nothing will ever compare!