Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pup Tent

As I said, the rainy days we look for ways to have indoor fun.

Many, many years ago I found a two person tent, practically new, at a garage sale. I snatched it up with visions of camping trips. Then I found out that Steve isn't so into camping trips if they don't involve 5-star hotels...  We've used it once and since then I have been reminded every so often that the tent was way too small for two people and that we are never going to go camping again.

Well, I thought that tiny tent would be a fun change of pace for the girls so I pulled it out one afternoon.

I put together that tiny tent and the girls loved it. Oh, and it wasn't as tiny as I'd remembered. The entire living room was filled and we were climbing over furniture to get to and fro. Of course, maybe it was the room not the tent, it's pretty tiny too.

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